Vet Care


Regular vet care helps ensure and maintain the health and well-being of your dog.  Since Fido can't express his discomfort as well as we can, and because some ailments don't present until they are well entrenched in his body, it is important to stay on top of his care. Early disease detection and preventative care results in less cost and heartache in the long run.

Regular vet checkups cover eyes, teeth, blood and major organs such as the heart and lungs.


Between visits to the vet, you can provide wellness care at home:

  • daily teeth brushing

  • daily healthy feeding (pay attention to over-feeding)

  • monthly heartworm prevention

  • monthly flea protection

  • bi-annual fecal intestinal parasite screening (simpl bring sample to the vet)

Visit our Resources page for a list of local veterinarians and make your appointment today!


Regular grooming is a vital element to the dog's overall health and well-being, along side vet care. It allows you to catch underlying conditions and diseases early, resulting in timely and ultimately less costly treatment.

Performing daily grooming rituals helps your dog become accustomed to being touched.  Throw in lots of love and belly scrubs as you teach her to lie down calmly while you brush, check ears or clip nails.

Visit our Resources page for a list of local groomers, or ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

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Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Desexing your dog can have many benefits. They tend to:

  • live longer

  • be healthier

  • have fewer behavioural problems, such as running away or biting

You are also doing your part in reducing pet overpopulation.