Training & Obedience

The Benefits

Dogs, like children, require structure. Knowing how and when to exhibit certain behaviours reduces stress and anxiety (for both pet and owner) and results in a happier home. Training helps nurture the human-canine bond and creates a more sociable pet, one who is a joy to be around.

How to Get Started

Training your pup should begin as early as possible and can be both positive and fun. Train for only a couple of minutes at a time, as your pup's attention span is short and you want to avoid frustration.  The length of a tv commercial is a good guideline. Tasty treats are the best incentive; find one your dog drools over (literally) and he will do anything for you in order to receive one.

There are many types and styles of training - find one that works for you and your pet. The most important factor in training is consistency.  Do it regularly so that the expected behaviours become habit.  If there are others in your household, get everyone involved and on the same page. This avoids tension and conflict around both training and the outcomes.


Consult our Resources page for some local trainers.

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